$30 Commissions!

2010-08-14 09:32:54 by jaimito

Hi! For the first time I'm opening the commissions season. I need a new Wacom Tablet so I need some extra money.

What can I do for you?: I would like to draw just characters, maybe with a very simple background to make them faster and to keep them cheaper for you. Some ideas: Maybe I can draw your original character, or maybe I can draw a character from a videogame you like doing something that you would like to see (mmm you dirty! XD), or maybe I can draw your portrait, or a Pokémon you like... Just ask. If you want to see some samples please take a look to my DeviantArt Gallery http://jaimito.deviantart.com or to my Portfolio http://jhportfolio.tumblr.com/.

Pricing: $30 each drawing, this is a limited offer, 6 slots left. Basically one character. If I consider that the drawing would cost more cause it's more than just one drawing I'll let you know the new price.

Payment: Paypal only for now.

What do you get: Before you think you'll get a hi-res A3 (29,7x42 cm) 300dpi ready to print file, a small JPG file for your gallery or website and a new friend XD Yeah! Friendship is important!

Contact: If you are interested send me a private message or an e-mail to stereostudio@hotmail.com. I'll write you back as soon as possible, the same day for sure.

So that's it!: Any idea? Just let me know. I know this can be really fun so don't think it twice!

$30 Commissions!


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2010-11-05 00:46:23

It's a damn shame I don't have any money right now. I am unemployed so I am tight on money right now.

I wish I could as I need a bit of art for my game. Ah well :P
Good luck though on getting your Wacom.


2010-11-16 16:35:30

Hey! Are you from Spain? So, you can speak spanish?
That's great!!
What means awesome in spanish?


2010-12-19 19:17:59

Aaahw man, would be damn sweet to see my own characters drawn by someone who's actually good!
Too bad I'm (always) short on money, And I gotta buy myself a wacom too.


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2010-12-20 18:37:50

I lol'd when i learned that Poison was turned into a futa because capcom feared of being sued by feminist rights groups and because they thought people would consider it "distasteless" to hit a girl. BUT ITS A GAME BUT OK, *COUGH COUGH MORTAL KOMBAT*